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We aim to help make meditation as simple and effective as possible. With the right training and guidance, everyone can meditate and experience less stress, anxiety and fatigue, and live a richer, more engaged and fulfilling life. 

The meditation revolution

Did you know that the average person has 60-80,000 thoughts per day?! All day long our mind spins stories about our work, our health, our finances, our family, or that funny look someone gave us. Often we’re not even aware of the internal soundtrack playing in our mind and yet it is the greatest source of stress in our lives.

Although the mind is capable of creating life-affirming stories, it has what neuroscientists refer to as a negativity bias, a tendency to pay more attention to negative experiences than to positive ones. For many people, this can feel like living in a mental prison.

Meditation takes us beyond our deeply ingrained fight and flight or stress response and into our calm, connected and creative way of being. 

Finding space amidst the chaos

Meditation is one of the best tools we have to counter the brain’s negativity bias, release accumulated stress, foster positive experiences and intentions, and enjoy the peace of present moment awareness.

In the incredibly fast-paced world that we live in, and unprecedented levels of mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and social isolation, developing a regular meditation practice is more important than ever. If nothing else, meditation creates space amidst the internal and external chaos. 

While we often hear people say that they can't meditate, everyone can! And we have the EEG technology to prove it. Our Primordial Sound Meditation technique will give you a simple, effortless, self-guided practice that you can do every day - whether you have just 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

The benefits of meditation

A large body of research has established that having a regular meditation practice produces tangible benefits for mental and physical health, including:

  • Lowered cholesterol levels
  • Reduced production of “stress hormones,” including cortisol and adrenaline
  • More efficient oxygen use by the body
  • Increased production of the healthy-ageing hormone DHEA
  • Improved immune function
  • Decreased anxiety, depression, and insomnia

A regular meditation practice has also been shown to have significant emotional benefits such as reduced reactivity and compulsive behaviours, improved relationships, a greater sense of meaning and purpose and recognition of the interconnectedness of everything.

Develop a daily self-guided meditation practice 

If you are ready to learn to meditate or develop a daily self-guided practice that is both simple and powerful, we recommend Primordial Sound Meditation. 

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What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial Sound Meditation is a simple, effortless, self-guided mantra meditation technique that you can practice every day whether you have 5 minutes or more.

It is an ancient Vedic practise that comes from the yoga tradition of India. It is also known as transcendental meditation, using the repetition of a simple sound to help you to go beyond the level of the mind and current everyday experience, and open up space and completely new possibilities.

At One Big Love, we use Vedic astrology to identify your unique mantra based on your date, time and place of birth. This Sanskrit sound is repeated silently as a tool to de-excite the nervous system and dissolve stress.

With the regular practice of this elegant and sophisticated process, you will tap into the spring of expanded consciousness that lies within us all. You will also cultivate a growing field of ever-present witnessing awareness.

This awareness will carry over into your daily activities outside of your meditation practice so that you experience your capacity as a conscious choice maker and creator of experience rather than being thrown about by compulsions.

Jess, our Lead Meditation Teacher, has trained with some of the worlds most renowned teachers including author and holistic medicine advocate Dr Deepak Chopra, Ayurveda and Integrative medicine expert Dr Sheila Patel, and Vedic Educator Dr David Frawley.


Primordial Sound Meditation courses are currently delivered online over two sessions (1 x 90min, 1 x 60min). During the course you will:


Be introduced to the principles of transcendental meditation, its history and Vedic philosophy and how it differs to other meditation techniques


Participate in a sacred Vedic ceremony, where you will receive a unique personal mantra that has been derived using Vedic Astrology, and learn how to integrate this effortless practice to caress your soul and deep inner wisdom


Explore the practical aspects of meditation, releasing stress and karmic blockages from the nervous system, and share experiences, challenges and answer any questions so that you feel confident to continue your daily practice


Plough through the walls of perception to shine light on higher states of consciousness and explore how we can access these blissful states through the regular practice of mantra meditation


Receive a course-book and ongoing support as you develop your practice

Investment: $395 AUD

Payment plans are available


learn primordial sound meditation

Get in touch to find out more about personal and small group Primordial Sound Meditation courses that can be tailored to your needs.



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It’s a rare privilege to sit with a teacher who has not only extensively trained in the practices she teaches, but who loves and honours them with her whole being. Jess’ consciousness, wisdom and humility as a teacher is both sweet relief and joy to be with. I had been waiting for some time time to receive mantra for meditation and when Jess spoke of the lunar aspect of the bija sounds she works with my heart just knew.I have experienced such a gentle, quiet, deep connection to my inner being since receiving ceremony.

- Patrice

I did the meditation course with Jess in December last year and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jess was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I really appreciated the follow-up email after the course with further information on some things we discussed.

- Ryan

I have known Jess for several years and have always really enjoyed her meditation classes. Jess teaches meditation with empathy and understanding and is always willing to share new approaches to meditation. I place high value on my attendance at Jess’s meditation classes.

- Lex